Ron Paul

Alex welcomes back to the show Ron Paul, Republican Congressman for the 14th congressional district of Texas, physician, member of the Liberty Caucus, founder of the advocacy group Campaign for Liberty, and former presidential candidate.

Steve Watson writes for InfoWars:

In comments before the House and during a televised interview yesterday, Congressman Ron Paul pointed out that with the decision to increase troop presence in Afghanistan and into Pakistan, president Obama is preparing to continue on the path of “perpetual war for perpetual peace”.

“I think it’s a bit misleading.” The Congressman told Fox Business, following Obama’s speech to the nation last night.

“I think Obama is actually preparing us for perpetual war. He’s been warning in that speech and elsewhere that we will be going into Pakistan. The idea that we’re going to bring our troops home eventually is just not so.” Paul added.

Conor Dougherty, Wall Street Journal:

Texas Rep. Ron Paul was on the Daily Show last night, where he went through his standard spiel about personal liberty and why the Federal Reserve should be abolished. In noting that Mr. Paul’s radical ideas about the Fed have gained wider acceptance in the wake of the financial crisis Daily Show host Jon Stewart compared Paul to a “cool indie band” that is a cult favorite but suddenly goes mainstream. “It scares the daylights out of me,” was Paul’s response to this observation.