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Kids Thrive When School Throws Out Smothering Playground Rulebook

Pic: Pieter Bos (CC)

Pic: Pieter Bos (CC)

We were pretty much left to run wild at recess. I’m guessing that things are different now. Anyway, one New Zealand school has taken the bold step of allowing students to take risks and engage in “free play” during recess. The children are more active now, and there’s been a decrease in bullying.


Ripping up the playground rulebook is having incredible effects on children at an Auckland school.

Chaos may reign at Swanson Primary School with children climbing trees, riding skateboards and playing bullrush during playtime, but surprisingly the students don’t cause bedlam, the principal says.

The school is actually seeing a drop in bullying, serious injuries and vandalism, while concentration levels in class are increasing.

Principal Bruce McLachlan rid the school of playtime rules as part of a successful university experiment.

“We want kids to be safe and to look after them, but we end up wrapping them in cotton wool when in fact they should be able to fall over.”

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Graham Hancock at the National Arts Club: The Research Behind His Novel ‘War God ‘

If you are a fellow obsessive lost civilization/alien abduction/alternate history nerd such as I presume to be, than chances are you will have engorged geeky gonads for all that I’ve just lain before your feet, you scurvy information mendicants!

Graham Hancock gives a lecture for the historic National Arts Club- Art and Technology Committee to a capacity audience. The title of the lecture is “Exploring Consciousness: Upper Paleolithic Cave Art to Modern Day Shamanism”. He covers his views on consciousness, his controversial TED Talk, and his experiences working with visionary plants.

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Do Rules Save Our Lives By Destroying Our Brains?

Is civilization the mind’s attempt to commit suicide? Via the Institute for Emerging Ethics and Technologies, Piero Scaruffi writes:

Ultimately, the most structured society will be a society in which every action has to comply with some rules, i.e. its citizens will de facto be robots with no brains. Why does brain/mind want to get rid of brain/mind?

Every animal tries to create some order around its natural environment. Likewise the history of human civilization is largely the attempt to control nature and structure life. Human societies are environments in which the chaos of nature is greatly reduced. This allows for humans to predict the future and therefore minimize threats to their survival.

One chaotic component of nature is humans themselves, the interaction among them. Societies invent rules and regulations to order and structure the interaction among humans. The process of turning children into adults is largely a process of forcing them to obey rules, from “good manners” to language itself.

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