One of the problems with American conspiracy theorists is that they’re mostly so damned serious that they’re just not as much fun to watch as their establisment counterparts (think Fox News), unless you find humor in an Alex Jones rant. Not so in Chile, where the TV host Salfate brings a smile to some serious questions about what’s going on in the world. Last week he covered the recent Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland, giving Jones a major shout out:

In January I visited Chile, luckily for me before the earthquakes. While there I was told a story about Friendship Island, a mythical island inhabited by strange beings off the southern coast of Chile (learn more here). Although famous amongst Chilean conspiracy buffs and ufologists, it is seldom discussed outside the region. I would have left it as an amusing piece of local lore, but recently the leading Chilean TV conspiracy theorist, Salfate, went on air in December 2009 claiming that beings from Friendship Island had told him there would be many earthquakes and tsunamis in 2010…

OK, it’s totally nutty stuff, but the natural disasters are hitting as predicted. What does anyone know about Salfate – is he credible or a crank?