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What’s San Diego Comic Con Really Like?

Hey DisinfoNauts: I just got back from San Diego Comic Con, and I thought you might enjoy my observations as well as some raw video I shot from the exhibit hall.

So you want to go to San Diego Comic Con, huh? Maybe want to catch a few exclusive screenings, rub shoulders with celebrities and browse the endless aisles of fan-friendly merchandise? Sounds awesome. But it doesn’t sound like the Comic Con I just got back from, or the one that you’re likely to experience. Let me enlighten you.

I’ve attended San Diego Comic Con every year since 2010, and I love it, but part of learning to love SDCC has been letting go of the con that was always in my head to make room for the actual experience.

If you’re going, then the first thing that you should probably accept is that you’re not going to see any of the big panel events without some major sacrifices on your part.… Read the rest

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Quick Interview with Doug Benson at San Diego Comic Con 2012

I just arrived in San Diego, and Doug Benson is in my hotel room, accompanied by a film crew. He wants water – cottonmouth – and I don’t want to make a fool of myself. Benson’s filming another marijuana-infused take-off on Morgan Spurlock’s oeuvre, and our meeting may or may not be in the resulting film. I clear my throat and try to stumble through the jetlag fugue which would, predictably, characterize my time on the west coast.

Having Benson in my hotel room was a highly unusual circumstance, and even he acknowledged it. The comedian had Tweeted a photograph from an elevator that my wife and I had recognized as the one and our hotel room. I asked him if he’d like to come up for an interview. I was surprised when my phone buzzed – a direct message – with a two word message: “Got smoke?” I tapped out a reply as quickly as I could – “Sorry, brother.” – and considered the matter closed.… Read the rest

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