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Letters To Santa Have Taken A Sad Turn

Has the “modern family” structure put pressure on children to grow up too quick, or just be more considerate? Letters to Santa usually contain kids’ materialistic desires, but lately they’re more concerned with the happiness of their family and education of their siblings. Via NPR:

This year, postal workers opening and processing letters to Santa Claus have noticed a significant change in tone from years past.

“Normally the letters would be greedy-type things — big televisions, Xbox, Wiis, things of that nature,” Pete Fontana, the head elf in New York City’s main post office, tells NPR’s Robert Siegel. “This year, the letters are single moms, three kids, no winter coats, no shoes, blankets, can’t pay the bills, not enough food in the pantry. So the need has changed tremendously.”

Fontana, who has been working in U.S. Postal Service’s Operation Santa Claus program for 15 years, shares an example:

Dear Santa, my name is Chisertopher.

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