Sarah Palin

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MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell has taken heat from conservatives for her interview of a Sarah Palin supporter waiting in line at a Barnes & Noble yesterday.

While speaking with people in the line, O’Donnell pointed out the inconsistency of Jackie, a Palin supporter, wearing a shirt against the bailout, which Palin actually supported during the campaign.

Several conservative hosts and bloggers quickly took issue with O’Donnell’s questions for the young woman…

From Daily Finance:

Every news organization makes mistakes. But when Fox News makes mistakes, they seem to tilt in a suspiciously consistent direction, favoring Republicans and conservatives over Democrats and liberals.

It happened again Wednesday, when host Gregg Jarrett, introducing a segment on Happening Now, described the “huge crowds” that were turning out to greet Sarah Palin on the promotional tour for her book, Going Rogue. “These are some of the pictures just coming into us,” Jarrett said as images of Palin surrounded by throngs of supporters flashed across the screen.

While Palin may indeed be drawing big crowds, it didn’t take long for liberal watchdog blogs like Think Progress and Media Matters to point out that the masses Jarrett touted on Happening Now had nothing to do with Palin’s book…