If you want to be happy, live in Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden take up the top four spots). TargetMap sourced the information from Forbes, which notes:

Quantifying happiness isn’t an easy task. Researchers at the Gallup World Poll went about it by surveying thousands of respondents in 155 countries, between 2005 and 2009, in order to measure two types of well-being.

First they asked subjects to reflect on their overall satisfaction with their lives, and ranked their answers using a “life evaluation” score from 1 to 10. Then they asked questions about how each subject had felt the previous day. Those answers allowed researchers to score their “daily experiences”–things like whether they felt well-rested, respected, free of pain and intellectually engaged. Subjects that reported high scores were considered “thriving.” The percentage of thriving individuals in each country determined our rankings.

Why are the Scandinavians so far ahead in everything? This is a brilliant idea: a band of clawed, Barney-like dinosaur creatures that play heavy metal, as a way to introduce young children to the world of mosh pits and headbanging. Hevisaurus, from Finland, is gaining a growing amount of attention, but sadly the United States is not included in their summer 2010 tour dates.