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2012: Science or Superstition

11A2010NASA has named 2012 the ‘most absurd science fiction film of all time,’ but what would you expect from the Hollywood director known as “the master of disaster”? For a ‘definitive guide to the doomsday phenomenon,’ Disinformation’s 2012: Science or Superstition, by Alexandra Bruce, presents a connection between religious, cultural and scientific research which explains the end result of how these ideas create the apocalyptic theory of 2012. An excerpt of Alexandra Bruce’s book on the correlation to Mayan myth and scientific reasoning:

The Last Apocalypse: Correlating Myth With Earth Science

“Among the Maya groups that left behind written testimonies … we find different accounts that revolve around the existence of a flood that wiped out the previous world and allowed for the creation of a new cosmological order.”

Given these Maya accounts, it is only natural to suspect that the early days of the current 13-b ’ak ’tun cycle might recall an actual, historical period of cataclysmic flooding.

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