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The Hidden History of Artificial Intelligence – Transhumanism and Alchemical Agendas

A potent underground idea is usually scheduled for retirement once it makes it onto the History Channel . The Ancient Alien theory was kept alive in pulpish propagation by Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Stichen for well on four decades (not including the seeds it sprouted from, which were planted much earlier.) However, now that it’s been relegated to awkward production, fleeting interviews, constant criticism and dull dramatization, the whole mythos is starting to get a bit dry.

Liminal philosophers like Christopher Knowles and Philip Coppens , whose theories have often tread parallel the ancient runways, keep their investigations fresh by swimming in a more cosmopolitan realm of shadows and contemporary myth. So suffice to say some vestige of the Ancient Alien mythos will continue to evolve in their able and imaginative hands.  In fact they’ve already spawned some precursory predictions on the fatted cognitive calves of speculation that are about to be offered up by Feral House Press to all the hungry heresy hunters looking for a new fix of fringe history.… Read the rest

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