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Self-Righteous Enlightenment

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I see a lot of this sort of thing in Disinfo’s comments–just replace “being oppressed” with “knowing the truth.”  Seth Goodkind writes:

Today, after watching a “controversial” documentary about discrimination against an extremely marginalized group with a party of 50 or so people, things degenerated quickly.

One person reacted very disrespectfully (I did not see their reaction) and some of the other people in the group, justifiably, were very much offended by the persons reaction. Many of other members of the group, including one of the leaders, leaped ( eagerly at the opportunity to attack the person for their reprehensible behavior, despite the fact that he expressed tearful remorse and regret. At no point did the person try to excuse themselves but rather, openly admitted the inappropriateness of their behavior.

My reaction was instantaneous. I felt that in a group of voluntary association, as this one was, in which all the members were to some extent or another actively attempting to confront the insidiously hierarchical American cultural system, it was antithetical to attack a person for reprehensible discriminatory views.

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