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ENR_15A very pretty friend of mine had been asked by an admirer if she would be willing to have a sex doll made ofher, a thought she is still considering.  When she told me this, I was astounded that such a thing could be done.  After talking to my friend, I was baited to explore what was really going on with these adult dolls.  Though there are many sex dolls now on the market, with manufacturers and suppliers around the world, the most discriminating buyers of sex dolls want hyper-realism.  It just so happens that the most realistic dolls in the world are made right here in Los Angeles by a man named Matt Krivicke, the founder of Sinthetics.  I reached out to them to setup a tour of their facilities.

In the meantime, I mused about how we look at dolls in general.  Little girls want idealized babies to nurture and care for with perfect features and a life-like feel.  While they know that they are not alive, they certainly draw serious affinity toward them and often cherish them for a lifetime.  Boys also are drawn to the figures of the dominant male type.  In our culture, these concepts are bolstered at every turn.  With this in mind, is it really that surprising that there is an entire subculture of people who enjoy life size dolls?  Some people treat them as a young person would treat their doll, with a sense of companionship, or even with the idea of collecting beautiful things, while others use them as relentlessly wanton sex slaves.

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