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Havelock Ellis, Lolita, & the Growing UK Student-Sex Worker Industry


The Fabian Society (originally the Fellowship of New Life) began with the sexologist Henry Havelock Ellis. Ellis is attributed with coining the word “homosexual” and was one of the first people in history to show an academic interest in pedophilia. Ellis was reputedly a sexual experimenter as well as a drug user, and allegedly even combined the two (hallucinogens and private group sex sessions). The writings of Ellis were among the key texts that formed the basis for sex education in British colleges and, later, schools. Ellis is sometimes known today as “the father of social psychology.” One of Ellis’ best known followers appears to have been the famous economist, John Maynard Keynes, known pederast and probably pedophile. Ellis’ influence extended to Freud, and later, to Vladimir Nabokov. Ellis’ research was a direct inspiration for Lolita, which is the tale of a twelve-year-old girl who seduces (rather than is exploited by) Humbert Humbert, the male protagonist.… Read the rest

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Even Strippers Have Infomercials

Are you a stripper? Opera singer turned exotic dancer (Jesus, I think that's the most depressing sentence I've ever written) Jennifer McCumber is ready to tell you how to lapdance your way to financial freedom. Just watch this low-quality, high-pressure infommercial to learn more.
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The Sexual World Of Bankers

Untitled-4Strauss-Kahn And The Secret Culture Of Aggressive Sexuality In The High Pressure World Of Bankers And Banksters.

My colleague Mike Whitney asks:

“So, what are the chances that Strauss-Kahn will get a fair trial now that he’s been blasted as a serial sex offender in about 3,000 articles and in all the televised news reports?

Do you remember any Wall Street bankers being dragged off in handcuffs when they blew up the financial system and bilked people out of trillions of dollars?”

The answer to both questions is certainly Non, in French or No in English, but there’s more to the connection between Sex and Wall Street. Without commenting on the evidence in this case—which has been asserted, not proven– there is a deeper context that is being ignored.

I call it the “Testosterone Factor” in The Crime of Our Time, my book about how Wall Street criminally engineered the financial crisis.… Read the rest

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