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Glenn Beck Creates His Own Shepard Fairey-Inspired Obama ‘Hope’ Poster, Featuring…

Hmm ... I tend to think this particular Founding Father would NOT be happy with Glenn Beck using his image ... but he's been dead for a long time. I bring that up for legal reasons, because helps to define what we call the "public domain." So actually, even though Shepard Fairey's Obama art is legally problematic, I do wonder if Beck can do this under "fair use." Legal scholars, your opinion is welcome. (And those who have something to say about Glenn Beck...) P.S. Glenn Beck "paints"?!?
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Shepard Fairey: Clandestine Asshole

Secrecy is of utmost importance to the graffiti artist. After all, their chosen medium remains illegal. And good graffiti rivals more traditional artistic pursuits, especially now, when controversy is valued much more than pure talent in the art world.

I used to be a huge fan of Shepard Fairey (of Obey/Giant fame) while he was still underground. He’s since ruined the surprise for everyone.

Fairey broke rule number one of guerilla art: you never, ever show your face. You are not doing this for publicity, after all, nor for money. You are doing this to get your anarchic message to the masses, whether they like it or not.

As well intentioned as Fairey’s Barack Obama portrait may have been (and I believe that is debatable) it will eventually prove to be his undoing. He’s recently admitted lying about the source picture, all while in the midst of a court battle with the Associated Press and his lawyers are talking about walking.… Read the rest

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