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Electric Eel Condom Promises to Put a Spark In Sex Lives

It’s no secret condoms suck, but they’re a necessary evil. Last year, Bill and Melinda Gates challenged innovators to invent a condom that wouldn’t lessen sensations felt during sex. Well, get ready to be shocked. Sort of.

Via Huffington Post:

…Notable entries included a condom made from collagen derived from beef tendon claiming to approximate human skin, and a condom that actually tightens during intercourse. But none of these really give the jolt some may be looking for.

Last week, Georgia Tech students Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer introduced their “Electric Eel” condom on IndieGogo, which they describe as an “open-source digital condom prototype using electrodes and soft-circuitry.” In laymen’s terms, it supplies mild vibrations — a “digital” rather than “physical” enhancement to the standard condom, as the creators put it.

While battery-operated devices can be a woman’s best friend, the words “voltage,” circuitry” and “electricity” are rather terrifying to anyone with a vulva.

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