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There have been three “Mothman” sightings in Singapore this week


Three unrelated Singaporean residents claim to have spotted a winged humanoid this past week.

Teacher Spots ‘Mothman’ in Singapore via Cryptozoology News:

A teacher in Singapore says he saw a “winged humanoid” inside an abandoned house.

Fergus Waffles, a 46-year-old geography teacher at a Singapore school, today said that he was walking his dog in the Istana Woodneuk area when he spotted the alleged creature earlier this morning.

“I was walking in the woods with my dog near an abandoned house at about 5:50 a.m.,” Waffles told Cryptozoology News. “I peered inside the window of the house and saw what appeared to be a winged humanoid hanging from a door frame.My dog saw the creature and remained completely still and silent while staring in its direction,” he added.

Waffles claims the humanoid was still with just its chest “moving up and down as if it were breathing”.


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Theme Park From Hell: Singapore’s Haw Par Villa

Singapore Paranormal Investigators has everything you need to know about the Haw Par Villa amusement park. Built in 1937, it is dotted with lush gardens and life-size depictions of scenes including the ten levels of hell described in ancient Chinese mythology, torture and dismemberment, humans with the heads of animals, and a women breastfeeding her father-in-law. It has been described as “if Heironymus Bosch built a putt-putt course”. Book your tickets and take your kids for a vacation that will change their lives.


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Universal Studios Singapore Stages Simulated Terror Attack

Channel News Asia reports:

Singapore authorities simulated a terror attack on Tuesday evening to test the emergency preparedness of the Home Team and the security teams from Resorts World Sentosa, one of the Singapore’s newest tourist attractions.

It was the first time that one of the two Integrated Resorts was participating in such a large-scale exercise.

It started with a suspicious package in an auditorium that no one noticed. Soon smoke filled the room and guests were evacuated.

Not long after, a second parcel exploded outside the theater and three gunmen stormed into the Universal Studios theme park, opening fire, and leaving scores injured and dead.

Security agencies were alerted and deployed to the scene.

The simulated exercise involved some 400 Resorts World staff and officers from the various Home Team agencies, including the Special Operations command team which later subdued the gunmen.

Witnessing the event was Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Lim Swee Say, who said the exercise serves as a reminder of Singapore’s ongoing battle against terrorism, which can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Culture of Bigotry Hindered Australia’s Ability to Integrate With Its Asian Neighbours

Singapore ExchangeASX_logoThe recent reaction by the Australian politicians toward the proposed merger between the Singapore Stock exchange (SGX) and the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX) is a typical example of a bigotry culture in this country.

The very minute the news of SGX’s intention to merge with ASX was leaked to the public arena, our politicians begin to jump up and down against the idea without even trying to find out in detail the rationale of the proposed merger, and the possible benefits to Australia. Their responses are so pathetically predictable in a habitually hysterical manner.

Response from the Australian “Elites” in the absence of any detail information about the Merger

Despite the fact that the Treasury Department has yet to receive any submissions from either the SGX or the ASX of the proposed deal (The Australian, 26 Oct 2010, 1:34PM), the Green Senator Bob Brown begin to “links Singapore Human Rights to the Australia Stock Exchange merger proposal” (The Australian, 26 Oct 2010, 12:34PM), The Coalition Shadow Treasury Joe Hockey questioned “whether ASX merger is in Australia’s interest” (The Australian, 26 Oct 2010, 9:28AM).… Read the rest

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