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Sinkhole Swallows Eight Kentucky Corvettes

Pic: JonRev (PD)

Pic: JonRev (PD)

According to my girlfriend, Bowling Green, Kentucky (her hometown) is known for two things: caves and Corvettes. The iconic sports cars are built there and the National Corvette Museum celebrates the city’s automotive legacy. The place is also sitting on top of limestone deposits that often give way into the Mammoth Cave system they form as they are eroded by water over time.

On Wednesday, this security cam video from inside the Corvette Museum appeared on YouTube. It captures a massive sinkhole opening beneath an exhibition of the cars, showing two of the vehicles disappearing entirely…

As of this report, 8 cars are confirmed to have been swallowed by the gaping hole. Our deepest condolences go out to their widows and children.

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Sinkhole Fears Split Republicans, Democrats

image from RandomDuck

It seems like Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on anything.

Even sinkholes.

A new poll of Floridians from Public Policy Polling finds a strong party split when it comes to fears of being swallowed alive by a sinkhole, with 46% of Democrats fearful and 22% of Republicans concerned. Overall, approximately one-third of Florida voters report living in fear a sinkhole will suddenly open up underneath them. The poll comes in the wake of reports of a man being consumed by a sinkhole as he slept.

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Like something out of a Charles Fort compendium, a huge sinkhole opened under the bedroom of a Florida man on March 1, effectively swallowing the entire room and everything - and everyone - in it. The family responded when it sounded like a car had crashed into the back of the house. Check out the video: Stay Awake!
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