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Coincidence Control Network: File #84 – Back from the Great Infection

ccn84image **We got our candy asses hacked here at SittingNow, so it was all hands on deck sorting that, some chicken soup, and a hearty dose of antibiotics, and we're back!** This week: Frater brings the mystery of alien radio signals to their knees, Florida + dinosaurs = win, The great American Insurance saga continues, There's gold in dem der hills, Killer robots, and much more. Personnel –  Raymond Wiley, Roejen Razorwire, Frater Isla, and  Ken Eakins
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Coincidence Control Network: File #78 – Don’t look!

strong>This week: Kim gives us the low down on an event in the US, Dino teeth...found!, About as useful as a chocolate teapot, Matheny's new online mag, Take a tour of evolution with this retard, Jesus in asia, Hitler's artistic chops, Fast crocodiles, landing robots on comets, Egyptian magick, and much more. Personnel –  Joe NolanFrater IslaKim Monaghan, and  Ken Eakins Don't look! Listen instead.
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The Death of Privacy with Steve Rambam – Right Where you are Sitting Now

Right Where You are Sitting Now – Episode 40 – The Death of Privacy with Steve Rambam

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This week we talk to private investigator, and head of Pallorium Inc, Steve Rambam. Steve is famous in the hacker community for his enlightening lectures on the death of privacy.

In this weeks episode we discuss: The death of privacy, smartphones: The little snitch in your pocket, The cavalier use of your data, how to (or not) avoid detection in the age of the Internet,  why Foursquare is a really bad idea (see, we told you) and much more.

Steve’s fantastic talk, ‘Privacy is Dead – Get Over It’,  is available over at Google Videos – Part 1, Part 2.

Steve Rambam Bio:

Steven Rambam is a private investigator operating out of New York and Texas. He has conducted several thousand missing-person searches over almost three decades.Read the rest

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The Process Church of the Final Judgement – Right Where you are Sitting Now

Right Where you are Sitting Now – Episode 39 – The Process Church of Final Judgment

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This week we talk to former member of The Process Church of the Final Judgement, Timothy Wyllie. Timothy has recently authored a fantastic book about his time in The Process, ‘Love, Sex, Fear, Death: The Inside Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgement‘.  In this weeks episode we discuss: The Process Church, Scientology, the controversies of the Process Church, why the church continues to have an influence, Dolphins and ET’s, and much more!

Timothy Wyllie Biography:

Timothy Wyllie is a writer specialising in the study of “non-human intelligences” such as angels. He was born in London in 1940. He moved to America in the mid-sixties and now lives in the desert of New Mexico. He had a near death experience in 1973. Afterwards, he devoted himself to the study of “non-human intelligences” (such as angels, dolphins, and extraterrestrials) using visual art, music and writing as the three main means of communication.… Read the rest

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SittingNow – Cults, Conspiracies & Secret Societies with Arthur Goldwag

Listen to the episode at SittingNow

Our guest this week is Arthur Goldwag

This week I talk to one of my new favourite authors (and guests), Arthur Goldwag. Arthur is the author of the recently published ‘Cults, Conspiracies, & Secret Societies: The Straight Scoop on Freemasons, The Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Black Helicopters, The New World Order‘, a fantastic book that I recommend to anyone that wants to be introduced to these fascinating topics in a more logical, and non-bias fashion.

In this episode we discuss: The mindset of conspiracy theorists, why the Freemasons are blamed for everything evil in the world, how L. Ron Hubbard’s rise to power baffles us, some of the weirdest cults out there, and the age old question: is Lady Gaga a puppet of the Illuminati?

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We Are All Werewolves! Sitting Now Podcast With Dr. Bob Curran

Via: SittingNow. Listen to the full episode here.

Finally, the triad of classic beasties have been covered on Sitting Now! First we brought you Vampires, then we gave you Zombies, this week we present you with a show about Werewolves!

Our guest this week, Dr Bob Curran

When it comes to discussing these iconic monsters, there is no better speaker than our old pal Dr. Bob Curran. Dr. Bob recently released his latest exploration of the mythological world in his fantastic book Werewolves: A Field Guide to Shapeshifters, Lycanthropes, and Man-Beasts.

In this week’s episode we discuss: The historical origins of the Werewolf myth, the Werewolf in classical literature, The Green Man, what do these mythological beasts tell us about ourselves, American folklore, and much more.

Never one to miss out on a good monster hunt, famous musical monster hunter Daddytank returns with his infinite supply of silver bullets.… Read the rest

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SittingNow Podcast Talks The 8 Circuit Model of Consciousness With Antero Alli

Via SittingNow.co.uk:
This week we delve back into the realm of reality hacking with our guest Antero Alli. Antero has been involved in the study of the 8 circuit model of consciousness for many years now, and has authored several books on the subject. Antero is also involved in a unique consciousness experiment called 'Paratheatre', in which initiates and researchers experiment, and more importantly, experience consciousness change. We discuss: The 8 circuit model of consciousness, Timothy Leary, Paratheatre, the difference between reading about a ritual and actually experiencing it, and much more.
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Australian Human Rights Commission Attempts To Block Encylopedia Dramatica

...I know...

Brutal-Koala-Jedi-Action seemed relevant to this post

Ken Eakins writes on Sitting Now:

Here we go again …

The Australian Human Rights Commission has threatened legal action against a widely read but controversial US-based website over an article that encourages racial hatred against Aborigines.

But online rights group Electronic Frontiers Australia said trying to stamp out the deplorable content would only create the “Streisand” effect, whereby an attempt to censor online content only brings more attention to it.

The same page was in the news in January when, in a rare move, Google Australia agreed to remove links to the article from its search engine following legal action from Aboriginal man Steve Hodder-Watt.

Once again ED is attacked, and once again people miss the point of the site.

The Internet really is srs bsns.

(more @ Sydney Herald)

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Sitting Now Podcast Teases New TV Show

So we finally took the plunge — after a year of planning and debate and — and announced our new Sitting Now TV show. The show will initially be available on the site, and via online distros like iTunes, YouTube, and Vimeo, and then later will appear on a channel to be announced later in the year (confusing I know). Anyway, check out this 'teaser' intro, and let us know what you think!
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