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How to Deal with a Burglar While You’re Home

A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States, proving that break-ins are all too commonplace in this day and age. You can’t even turn on the news at night without seeing stories about multiple home invasions. So, how are people handling this nightmarish situation?

Despite taking great precautions on a daily/nightly basis, everyone is vulnerable to a break in at some point. You never want to believe something as terrifying and invasive as a burglary could happen to you, and who could blame you? The unfortunate truth is that this can occur at any moment.


No matter how protected your home may be, there’s usually still a risk of a break in. Image by Wetsun.

While just getting your home broken into is enough to rattle your cage, what if you’re in your home when it happens? Your adrenaline begins pumping and your instincts take hold. It can be easy to let emotional reactions affect your decision making when something like this happens.… Read the rest

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CIA Spies On You Via Connected Devices In Your Home

Gen. David H. Petraeus plays Wii golf.

David H. Petraeus plays Wii golf.

Or if they’re not doing so yet, they soon will. Spencer Ackerman reports for Wired‘s Danger Room blog:

More and more personal and household devices are connecting to the internet, from your television to your car navigation systems to your light switches. CIA Director David Petraeus cannot wait to spy on you through them.

Earlier this month, Petraeus mused about the emergence of an “Internet of Things” — that is, wired devices — at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm. “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,” Petraeus enthused, “particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft.”

All those new online devices are a treasure trove of data if you’re a “person of interest” to the spy community. Once upon a time, spies had to place a bug in your chandelier to hear your conversation.

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