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A Football Club Named Lebowski Honors The Dude

lebowskiIt’s hard to believe that there’s a professional football (soccer) club that’s actually named Lebowski, as in “The Big Lebowski,” but that’s exactly what a group of fans of The Dude did in Italy (check out the club’s logo, at right). The Guardian profiles CS Lebowski:

If the hotel receptionist thought it was strange that six English people wanted to call a taxi to the Campo Sportivo San Donnino on the outskirts of Florence, that was nothing compared to the reaction from the driver who picked us up. On the way to the home of Centro Storico Lebowski, an amateur football club in the Campi Bisenzio area, the driver made several phone calls to his friends to tell them about this bizarre pickup. Perhaps the strangest part was that the first team weren’t even playing that day. The only match was between CS Lebowski Juniores and the youth side from ASD Maliseti Tobbianese, a club from nearby Prato.

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Ann Coulter: Soccer is Destroying America

Ann who? Remember the attention-grabbing woman who was always saying moronically outrageous things on Fox News to tweak liberals? Apparently she’s found an editor who will let her rant again (the Clarion Ledger, not exactly a major newspaper). As USA Today reports, her attack on football (a/k/a soccer) in the midst of the USA’s successful World Cup run is being greeted by the jeers she deserves:

Soccer is destroying the USA. So says conservative syndicated columnist Ann Coulter.

Coulter went on a rant about the sport, calling it un-American in a column Wednesday headlined, “America’s Favorite National Pastime: Hating Soccer.”

Readers called the column “contemptible,” “uneducated” and “moronic” in comments posted on The Clarion Ledger‘s website. The Ledger is owned by Gannett, which also owns USA TODAY. Coulter’s column is distributed by Universal Press.

Photo: Mobilus In Mobili (CC)

USA Soccer fans in Richmond, VA. Photo: Mobilus In Mobili (CC)

“Hahaha this is the biggest lot of nonsense I have ever read,” one commenter wrote.

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Why Soccer Is UnAmerican

Landon Donovan vs Algeria

The face of US Soccer, Landon Donovan, controversially excluded from the US National Team for Brazil’s World Cup 2014.

As self-proclaimed experts in all things UnAmerican, we thought disinfonauts should be given the chance to consider whether association football (known as soccer in the US) is, indeed, UnAmerican as claimed by Stephen H. Webb at Politico:

Sports are a reflection of national character and aspirations, and it is no coincidence, I think, that soccer has had a hard time catching on in the United States. Simply put, soccer—call it “football” if you must—is a tragic game, and thus it cuts deeply against the grain of the American ethos. Americans are an optimistic people. We like scoring too much to enjoy a game that is more about preventing success than achieving it.

Soccer is like watching a bunch of Sisyphuses competing against each other by trying to roll the same rock up a hill—without using their hands, of course.

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Black Bloc In Brazil To Interrupt World Cup

Illustrazione di un Black BlocCould it be that Black Bloc “members” are football fans (soccer if you’re a Yank)? Apparently they’re going to be in Brazil for the world’s greatest sporting event–the FIFA World Cup–and certain media reports would have it that they’ll be turning the tournament cities into riot zones. From Global Post via The Week:

Their faces hide behind scarves, gas masks, and motorcycle helmets. TV images show them smashing cars, hurling bricks at police, and setting tires ablaze on the streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian politicians have claimed they are a national security threat.

But who really are these protesters who plan to run riot at the World Cup as soon as the inaugural game kicks off on June 12?

Brazil’s police allege the militants form an extremist group called the Black Bloc, and say they are watching its leaders. The local press has published exposes claiming that the Black Bloc is funded by foreigners intent on spoiling the nation’s moment of glory.

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Football Fan Loses House Betting On Team; Other Bettor Staked Car Plus Wife

Robin Van PersieWe all know that supporters of sports teams can be fanatical in their devotion. While the Ugandan man who bet his house on an Arsenal win probably took his support several steps too far, his counterpart in the bet is even more insane: in addition to staking his car on a Manchester United win, he threw in his wife. No mention of whether or not the Man U fan had a couple more wives in reserve, as did the Arsenal fan. The Daily Mirror reports:

An Arsenal fan has lost his HOUSE after betting that the Gunners would beat Manchester United at the weekend.

Henry Dhabasani, who has three wives and five children, made a bet with friend Rashid Yiga that Arsenal would beat the Premier League champions.

The price of the wager? Dhabasani put his family home on the line, while Yiga staked his Toyota Premio car, plus his WIFE.

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Nine Out Of Ten Men Say They Fake An Interest In Sports

soccerSo does anyone actually like professional sports? Fascinating ritual sociology from the UK’s Daily Mail:

Nine out of ten men lie about liking sports to impress friends or to get ahead at work, it was revealed today. Football was the game that men most faked a love of, with two out of three admitting they gushed to mates about the national sport to avoid being unpopular, a survey of 500 Britons found.

Football was the most fibbed about, with 61 per cent hiding their dislike. The national game was followed by F1, cricket, gold and rugby. One in three admitted to lying because they thought it would aid their career.

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Remembering The Day UFOs Arrived At Italy’s Fiorentina Stadium

No one has ever come up with a satisfactory explanation for the day on which an awe-inspiring fleet of UFOs brought a massive Italian soccer match to a halt in 1954. Via the BBC, witnesses describe it as transcendent:

It’s October 1954. A game between Fiorentina and nearby rivals Pistoiese is under way at the Stadio Artemio Franchi. A crowd of around 10,000 has gathered to watch. Among them is Fiorentina fan Gigi Boni. Now in his eighties Boni still has vivid memories of watching in disbelief as UFOs hovered above the stadium.

“I remember clearly seeing this incredible sight. They were moving very fast and then they just stopped. It all lasted a couple of minutes. I would like to describe them as being like Cuban cigars, in the way they looked.” The stadium fell silent as the players and fans stood transfixed, staring at these strange objects in the crisp blue autumn sky.

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Lionel Messi and the Anti-Syria Conspiracy

He's the best, period - 24-365You definitely cannot make this stuff up. From Reuters:

Barcelona footballers don’t just have a slick passing game, they can also secretly indicate arms smuggling routes to Syria, a pro-government Syrian television channel claimed this week.

Without a hint of irony, Addounia TV superimposed a map of Syria on a screen to show how Lionel Messi and his team-mates, representing smugglers, had kicked a ball, representing a weapons shipment, into Syria from Lebanon.

The subtle signals to rebels were transmitted when Barcelona played Real Madrid in December, said the channel, which is owned by a cousin of President Bashar al-Assad. It did not trouble viewers by revealing Barcelona’s motives for the exploit.

“First we see how the guns are brought from Lebanon,” the presenter comments as one player passes the ball. “Then they cross into Homs and give the weapons to other terrorists in Abu Kamal,” he added, referring to rebel strongholds in Syria.

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Twitter Foils UK Celebrities’ Favorite Weapon: The Super-Injunction

Ryan Giggs. Photo: Allison Pasciuto

Ryan Giggs. Photo: Allison Pasciuto

The worst kept secret in Britain has been completely undermined by an onslaught of tweets. Chris Gayomali reviews the Ryan Giggs affair for TIME:

Earlier this month Ryan Giggs, a professional soccer player who plays for the U.K.’s Manchester United, obtained a court-ordered injunction to keep secret the details of an extra-marital affair with British television personality Imogen Thomas. The short story is that he didn’t want the U.K. press writing about his misconducts.

The move appeared to backfire, however, when news of the injunction spread like wildfire through over 70,000 Twitter accounts, causing Mr. Giggs to take up legal action against “persons unknown” as well as the social network itself.

Legal experts assumed that gag orders breached on Twitter were protected because the website is outside of the British legal system’s jurisdiction.

However, in a surprising move, a senior executive from Twitter admitted to the Telegraph that it would turn user information over to the authorities if it were “legally required” to.

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