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Social Darwinism: The Problem of Eugenics

Darwin’s theory of evolution was adopted by those with progressive political agendas, particularly the improvement of the human race. It is not difficult to understand Darwin’s appeal to social progressives of the age. If Darwin allows us to understand the mechanism of evolution, might we be able to use that understanding to improve the quality of humanity? Or at least to prevent certain defective human beings from being born? these are contentious issues which will raise concerns for many readers. Yet we must consider how Darwin’s insights were applied by his successors, whether rightly or wrongly.

Photograph and Bertillon record of Francis Galton (age 73) created upon Galton's visit to Bertillon's laboratory in 1893.

Photograph and Bertillon record of Francis Galton (age 73) created upon Galton’s visit to Bertillon’s laboratory in 1893.


The first major attempt to apply Darwinian insights to safeguarding the human future was the eugenics movement which emerged in the first half of the twentieth century. The scientific basis of this movement seemed to be unassailable.… Read the rest

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James Randi: Let Survival of the Fittest “Act Itself Out”


James Randi, Skeptic… you betcha. Tolerant… not so much. via Daily Grail

I’ve previously posted here about the Social Darwinist-leaning comments of James ‘The Amazing’ Randi, such as this entry on his website where he supported the legalization of drugs, apparently largely for the simple reason that it would kill off a lot of people he doesn’t like:

“[T]hose individuals who were stupid enough to rush into the arms of the mythical houris and/or Adonis‘s they would expect to greet them, would simply do so and die – by whatever chemical or biological fate would overcome them… [T]he principle of Survival of the Fittest would draconically prove itself for a couple of years, after which Natural Selection would weed out those for whom there is no hope except through our forbearance.

…Any weeping and wailing over the Poor Little Kids who would perish by immediately gobbling down pills and injecting poison, is summoning up crocodile tears, in my opinion.

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