In the early 1970s, a group of hunters in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains captured sounds of an alleged encounter with Bigfoot. Now a professor and former Navy crypto-linguist says he has analyzed the strange audio recordings, and claims that they not only are legitimate, but reveal a primitive, grunt-based language. Decide for yourself — either way, the Sasquatch sounds on the tape are disturbing:

Two weeks ago, passersby noticed a haunting humming seemingly originating from the still-unfinished Freedom Tower. One possible explanation is that the the strong winds of Hurricane Sandy vibrated the metal beams at the top of the structure, turning them into musical instruments:

The senses are more intermingled than we realize — what we hear influences what we think we see, Live Science writes: Some people may actually see sounds, say researchers who found this…

How do we preserve the fabric of everyday life from other eras? The online Museum of Endangered Sounds is a marvelous emporium of aural preservation, simulating what being alive in the 1990s sounded…

Alastair Leithead profiles the fascinating work of Bernie Krause for BBC News:

A landscape may look healthy, but how does it sound, and what does that say about how its wildlife is doing?

It’s a question Bernie Krause has spent much of his life trying to answer. To do so, he’s recorded the sounds of thousands of places in far-flung corners of the world.

Dr. Bernie Krause: The Great Animal Orchestra from California Academy of Sciences and California Academy of Sciences on

He coined the word “biophany” to describe these recordings…

f you haven’t heard of this mystery, start here. The creepiest thing about this — is not the normal transitions — but the three interruptions in the course of twenty years (described here by Wikipedia). The first one occurred on Christmas Eve, 1997:

Ya — UVB-76. 18008. BROMAL: Boris, Roman, Olga, Mikhail, Anna, Larisa. 742, 799, 14.

Here is how it has normally sounded on the shortwave radio station, frequency 4625 kHz. If you still can hear it, please let us know: