South Park

“Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” is a satirical cartoon that Molly Norris had drawn in response to the censorship of South Park’s episode featuring Muhammad. With constant threats sent to artists who have…

South Park Enters FacebookThank you! Full episode is here.

I won’t spoil how the end of this episode is tied into an appropriate ’80s film classic (Hint: a sequel to that film is coming out later this year) … this is a great metaphor for how the internal workings of such a system is (I guess : ) once you do remove yourself.

Good luck on that, folks.

Clip below:

Art imitating life? Not quite … Spencer Ackerman reports on the Washington Independent:

On Feb. 23, I broke a story about how the Senate Armed Services Committee determined that Blackwater employees in Afghanistan signed for hundreds of AK-47s and pistols using the name “Eric Cartman,” evidently a reference to the popular South Park character.

On March 17 — which Dave Weigel tells me is the season premiere — South Park will show Eric Cartman signing for the guns.