Space Monkeys

Rejoice earthlings! If you have not received the transmission yet, MoAM is back from orbit.

via wired:

The sonic space cadets in Man or Astro-man? mashed surf, sci-fi, punk, samples and Tesla coils into a jagged rock juggernaut, touring nonstop in the ’90s before burning out at the dawn of the ’00s. But the Alabama-based band has rebooted for the ’10s, and returns to interface live with fans on a U.S. tour next month.

Contrary to unpopular opinion, the quartet wasn’t just waiting around for developments in nanoscience to help repair its worn-out biocircuitry (although the band members are totally fine with that idea).

Also, check out this great interview over at Chunklet.

Urmee Khan writes in the Telegraph: Although the ape will be looked after by a robot on the mission, the decision is expected to spark controversy with animal rights groups. “We have…