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How To Make Horror Movie Blood

Just in time for your Halloween hijinks, the BBC has an instructional video that shows how to create the artificial blood used in classic horror movies. Their recipe produces blood that not only is rich in color and creepily accurate in texture, but sounds as if it would be delicious to eat.
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Glasses-Free 3D Television Set In Production

It seems that every big blockbuster to hit box offices lately have been in 3-D. From Avatar to Alice In Wonderland, and currently Despicable Me, 3-D is used as common as computer animation. Now television companies are working on bringing the life-like effects into your home. TechNews World reports:

Toshiba has reportedly confirmed it is working on technology for a 3-D television set that won’t require viewers to use special glasses.

However, details are scant, and the company declined to say when such TVs will hit the market.

Toshiba isn’t alone in working on technology that will let viewers watch 3D TV without glasses.

“Every major manufacturer will be working on auto-stereo, or glasses-free, 3D TV,” David Mercer, a vice president and principal analyst at Strategy Analytics, told TechNewsWorld.

Technology that lets people watch 3D images without glasses already exists. For example, Nintendo is using it in its 3DS handheld video game device, which it demonstrated at the E3 show in Los Angeles in June.

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