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Art As Spiritual Technology: How Paul Laffoley Changed My Life


Hearing about the passing of godhead brilliant visionary artist Paul Laffoley the other day made me contemplate just how enormous an impact the man’s work has had on my life and art. I never met Paul (although I did drive from Seattle to Portland to attend one of his lectures), nor do I consider myself an obsessive fanboy, but in hearing of his death I was forced to confront the fact that he influenced me on a such a deeply ingrained level that exposure to his ideas shapes nearly everything I do. Of course, the five minute clip that lead to this shift involves Paul talking about his painting the Thanaton III on Disinfo’s short lived TV show (which if you’ve never seen you should really check out):

For those too lazy to watch the clip, according to Paul, the Thanaton III depicts an extraterrestrial communication from beyond in which he’s shown how to:

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