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Philatelists’ Delight? The Gay Bondage Stamps of Finland

Courtesy Itella Posti Oy; original image: Tom of Finland Foundation

Courtesy Itella Posti Oy; original image: Tom of Finland Foundation

You have to hand it to the Finns: they may have singlehandedly created a whole new generation of philatelists. Slate reports on the new gay bondage stamps designed by Tom of Finland:

The United States has some pretty cool stamps and, once the Harvey Milk stamp is released next month, at least one commemorating an openly LGBTQ American. But it’s difficult to imagine a future where America’s stamps are as amazingly, graphically gay as Finland’s. This fall, the country will begin selling stamps that feature the “confident and proud homoeroticism” of Tom of Finland, an artist renowned as “beyond question the most influential creator of gay pornographic illustration.”

Itella Posti Oy, the Finnish equivalent of U.S.P.S., boasts that Tom of Finland—also known as Touko Laaksonen—is “considered one of the most well-known Finnish artists around the world”:

His emphatically masculine homoerotic drawings have attained iconic status in their genre and had an influence on, for instance, pop culture and fashion.

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Bizarre BDSM Fetish Stamps Of Kyrgyzstan

In an alternate universe, the stamps used to mail your rent check or a holiday card to relatives feature scenes of erotic domination rather than the national flag or first president. That alternate universe is called Kyrgyzstan. Vintage Sleaze was pleased to note stamps issued by the former Soviet republic featuring the work of mid-20th-century S&M-themed adult comics artist Eric Stanton:

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New Postage Stamp Accidentally Features Las Vegas Statue Of Liberty

libertyBoing Boing notes USPS’s unveiling of a brand new Statue of Liberty stamp with “an illustration of the Lady Liberty replica at Las Vegas’s New York-New York casino as opposed to the real statue in New York Harbor.” (The image used came from a stock photography website.) Many details are different between the two.

It’s an example of how we are living in a state of hyperreality, in which symbols or images become more real to us than the original reality they were supposed to represent. Now, in the minds of millions of unaware people (and the government itself), Las Vegas’ fake, amusement-park statue has become the “right” one.

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