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Stalking My Psychiatrist


By Emily Maloney via The Atlantic:

Even now, I adjust the image in my head, the term. Not stalked. Researched, I preferred to say. I knew where she lived and how many children she had. When she got a divorce, and the kids’ names and ages appeared in the court records, I felt a tingle of glee, just for knowing, which made me feel a little sick. My heart sped up as I scrolled through those records or ones from the county recorder’s office online. Available for anyone to see, I told myself. Public records.

I was seeing Dr. Smith—Karen, I called her, later—because I had bipolar disorder, she claimed, and maybe something more drastic and dark, like a smidge of a personality disorder. Mental illness tended to run in my family in the way kudzu covered everything south of the freeze line. I wondered if I had some illness: anything to explain my way of existing in the world.

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Caio Terra On Becoming a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Caio Terra is a 8-Time World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion who is widely regarded as one of the most technical fighters in Jiu-Jitsu History. Caio’s trademark slogan is Technique Conquers All and he has proven this to be true winning numerous OPEN weight competitions despite weighing less than 125lbs.

Caio has been outspoken on the use of PED’s as well as the martial way of Jiu-Jitsu. To Caio, Jiu Jitsu is more than just a sport, it’s a martial art that can transform lives and make the world a better place.

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Do Movies Control Your Mind? Media Monarchy Analyzes The Mind Games We Play.

James Evan Pillato shakes down the matrix with this episode of MediaMonarchy.

Do movies control your mind?  Why are our many modern Superheroes orphans?  Is the solution to all conflict to be more “powerful, masculine and destructive than the “bad” guys?”  Do you suffer from source amnesia?  Do gas tanks really explode when you shoot them?  Myth Busters or Myth Fluffers?  How many aspects of life have you only experienced via Hollywood?  Is Obama off limits to comedians?  “Will terrorism end if we just blow the shit out of the bad guys?”

Mold the superposition in accordance with will with this weeks episode

#269 Mind Games


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