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Peruvian Authorities Vow to Crack Down On Machu Picchu’s Naked Travelers

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.57.35 PMApparently no trip to famed cultural heritage site Machu Picchu is complete until you’ve wiggled your wang at it.

Warning: Video features naked tourists.

Via Peruvian Travel Trends:

There is a growing fad at Machu Picchu that officials hope to nip in the bud: tourists who pose for nude snapshots with the iconic Inca Citadel looming in the background.

For years, the practice has occurred pretty much under the radar.

That changed earlier this month when photos of two buddies from lands “Down Under” with buttocks bared, went viral, along with a YouTube video of a couple streaking across Machu Picchu’s principal plaza.

Peru’s media pounced.

Cusco’s new Regional Director of Culture, Ricardo Ruiz Caro, issued a statement that the incidents happened on the watch of his predecessor and that he should not be held responsible. He added that park guards at Machu Picchu and other historic sites in the region would increase surveillance from now on “to avoid these unfortunate events that threaten cultural heritage.

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A Political History Of Streaking

Streaking and Politics in the Post-Vietnam Era make be the best-researched analysis ever done on public nudity. The surprise argument is that streaking was a form of conservative protest:

Though late May 1974, a wave of “streaking”—occurred in the United States, primarily on college and university campuses [and] eventually spread around the world. Streaking generated significant press coverage and spawned a plethora of streaker-related consumer items including coffee mugs, t-shirts, “Keep On Streaking” patches…and two dozen novelty singles (one of which, Ray Stevens’ “The Streak,” became a major hit).

Streakers themselves reterritorialized the physical campus, cloaking themselves in nostalgia and a discourse of apolitical “student-ness” in order to deploy an assertive semiotics of white masculinity in the face of threats to white male hegemony within the university setting…

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