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Vaping: The Latest Scourge in Drug Abuse

I’m not quite sure where CNN have been, but they’ve just woken up to the fact that vaping is a big thing, and that nicotine’s not the only thing going into those e-cigs:

Deerfield Beach, Florida: Emergency rooms in South Florida are filling up with patients suffering from synthetic drug overdoses, and the problem is getting worse due to a device that’s ostensibly supposed to help people quit smoking.

Vaping Man With Electronic Cigarette / E Cig / Vapouriser

Vaporizer pens are becoming the new way for drug users to not only get high, but do it discreetly — at times right under the noses of police, parents and teachers.

And it is no local phenomenon. From big cities like St. Louis to small villages in upstate New York, these vape pens are popping up more frequently in drug busts, and the steady rise of abuse is alarming communities across the country.

E-cigarettes, or vape pens, have been around for more than a decade but have boomed in popularity recently because of marketing to nicotine users looking for a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes.

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Psychonauts Explore Unknown World of Legal Highs

Spice drug“No sooner are they banned than rogue labs tweak formulae to create new drugs, with terrifying results for those trying them out,” writes Sarah Bosely at the Guardian:

Daniel, until recently, was a researcher, using his bedroom as a laboratory. His apparatus was his own brain. He bought chemical compounds labelled “not for human use” on the internet, ingested them and waited to see whether he was headed for heaven or hell. At times he wondered if he was going to die.

He was experimenting with novel psychoactive substances – so-called legal highs. These are usually based on banned drugs, such as MDMA or ecstasy, and cannabis. Variations in the formula enable them to be sold legally, but nobody can be sure what effect they are going to have on the user’s mind or body – and the doctors dealing with the casualties in A&E have no idea what the substance is that has done the damage or how to treat the patient in distress before them.

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Texas Man Strangles And Eats Dog After Entering Animal-Like State From Synthetic Marijuana

How long until our military attempts to harness the potential of the new breeds of synthetic drugs? Via the Daily Mail:

A drug-fuelled rampage led a man to attack several people and chase around a neighbour while growling like an animal – before he brutally killed and ate a dog.

Waco police said that Michael Terron Daniel told his housemates that he was ‘on a bad trip’ after taking the synthetic drug K-2 and began attacking them. Sgt W. Patrick Swanton said that when a neighbour tried to intervene, Daniel got down on his hands and knees and ‘began barking and growling like a dog.’

As horrified witnesses watched, Daniel allegedly turned to a medium-sized Spaniel mix, who belonged to one of his housemates, choking the animal. Daniel then ‘took a bite out of the dog, ripping pieces of flesh away and eating them.’ Police showed up to find Daniel sitting on the front porch with the dog’s carcass on his lap.

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Bath Salts Confessional

Photo: sburke2478 (CC)

Natasha Vargas-Cooper reaches deep into “the heart America’s new drug nightmare” (which is, ahem, bath salts), for SPIN:

COLUMBUS, OH— On an unseasonably hot and muggy May afternoon, a squad of armed agents from the Franklin County Drug Task Force — some wearing street clothes, some wearing menacing ski masks — swarms into a storefront aptly named the Joint. Sandwiched between a liquor store and a sex shop, and adjacent to the Ohio State University campus, the Joint is one of 18 different head shops, gas stations, carryout restaurants, and mini-marts being searched this day by seven task force teams consisting of several dozen officers from numerous local police departments and prosecutors’ offices, all spearheaded by the County Sheriff here in the state capital.

Make no mistake: This is no ordinary pot bust. The raids are part of the ongoing Operation Synthetic Drugs, a highly coordinated and choreographed sweep through central Ohio.

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Why Smoking Synthetic Marijuana Is A (Very) Bad Idea

300px-JWH-018Six excellent reasons not to touch the synthetic stuff, from Adam Brown. Here’s Number 5, but it’s worth reading the rest at Cracked.com:

#5. Because It Absolutely Is Not “Like Weed”
The obscure chemical compound that blazed the path that leads to full-on adults like myself casually strolling into a beat-to-shit liquor store and saying, “I’ll have one Zombie Matter, please” all while keeping a straight face was developed by a Clemson University chemist named John Huffman. He was conducting research on cannabinoids for the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse. The compound he came up with was called JWH-018, because JWH are Huffman’s initials and he’s clearly an egotistical prick. You know what else he is? A buzzkill. Check out this quote:

These compounds were not meant for human consumption. Their effects in humans have not been studied and they could very well have toxic effects. They absolutely should not be used as recreational drugs.”

Those sure as hell don’t sound like Bob Marley lyrics, do they?

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