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What is it like living under the British class system?

The British class system is rather confusing but plays a large role in the lives of British citizens. In this video, Jade Joddle talks of the stifling pressures she felt in Britain because of the class she was born into. She says this is why she chose to leave that country.

This is also one of the most interesting comments sections on a YouTube video I have ever seen. Here is excerpts of two of them:

One commenter states:

Jade, as much as I respect your experience, I do think you paint a rather single perspective. Class is not a one-way hierarchy, I know plenty of people who were sacked for ‘not being warm enough’. You have to navigate the class system whoever you are. Not because of a national culture of snobbery, but because there are deep divisions in society’s opinion and taste. How you act, spend your money, speak- these are not frivolous details.

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