Via Technoccult: Klint Finley: What, as a “social physicist,” do you actually do? Kyle Findlay: Well, at the moment I’m on my own in this “field,” if you can call it that….

Futurist Chris Arkenberg shares some resources for beginning systems thinkers. Via Technoccult: In some respects, this way of thinking is a natural part of simply paying attention to things. In other ways,…

The InvisiblesVia Technoccult:

I’ve been thinking recently about Grant Morrison’s “hypersigil” concept, but considering as not an occult/magical practice, but as as a cybernetic phenomena. […]

The way I see it, the online persona, fictional self, or avatar one creates can create feedback loops to reinforce behaviors and perceptions and have a create significant “real world” changes in a person’s life over time.

In the case of Grant Morrison, he was also shaping his persona in the letters column of The Invisibles, in interviews he gave, and his public persona at comic conventions.