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Be A Proud Member Of The New World Order

[SPECIAL OFFER: A Bold Revelation is offering FREE t-shirts (designs below) to the first five disinfonauts to email them at allseeing@aboldrevelation.com]


To the truly agnostic, A Bold Revelation, is just another t-shirt company. However, like so much of our fractaled world, ABR cannot be simply explained with one definition. A politically fashionable unit of the Great Brotherhood, who is currently offering entry into the most ancient of orders, through the mere purchase of an article of clothing. Swank black Ts, with the ever-popular Eye of Providence logo, and bold white lettering letting the world know where you stand.


Let it be known, that with purchase comes great responsibility, as one will receive a certificate stamped with the Great Secret, which will enlighten the uninitiated.

In short, you can say we are a company that deals in apparel for the Illuminated.  A secret society disguised as a t-shirt company, and a t-shirt company disguised as a secret society. … Read the rest

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Gazing Into Police Culture Through Cop T-Shirts

Cop t-shirts: For when merely acting like an abusive asshole doesn’t send a strong enough message. Via the Huffington Post, Radley Balko runs down a litany of disturbing examples of custom t-shirts enjoyed by cops which hint at a problematic dynamic in law enforcement culture:

Earlier this week, an anonymous public defender sent Gothamist a photo of an NYPD warrant squad officer wearing a t-shirt with a pretty disturbing quote from Ernest Hemingway [below]. There have been a number of other incidents over the years in which cops have donned t-shirts that reflect a mentality somewhat less lofty than “protect and serve.”

The Village Voice reports that the quote was also printed on t-shirts worn by NYPD’s infamous Street Crimes Unit, which was disbanded after shooting unarmed immigrant Amadou Diallo 41 times in 1999 as Diallo reached for his wallet.

cop t-shirts

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