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Did The Nazis Have a School for Talking Dogs?

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“Milkbones, mein Fuhrer.”

Someone should have investigated David Berkowitz‘s neighbor’s dog, “Harvey”.

Via IO9:

Just when you think you’ve gotten to the end of the bizarre by-products of World War II, you learn about talking Nazi dogs. The question is: How official were they? We’ll look into the school — or possibly the con game — of talking dogs.

Here’s what we know. In 1930, Margarethe Schmidt lived with her mother in a relatively large house, and kept Asra, a Great Dane. Asra gave birth to five puppies, and the Schmidts took in a terrier. Somewhere along the line, all the dogs began learning to talk. And at some later point along the line, reports went out that these talking, spelling, and “reasoning,” dogs, would go out into the battlefields and the villages and start working for the Nazis.

The idea that dogs could talk was not unprecedented in Germany.

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