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Woman Claims to Have Been Raised by Monkeys

Picture: David M. Jensen (CC)

Via The Telegraph:

Yorkshire housewife Marina Chapman claims to have been raised by Capuchin monkeys. As you’ve undoubtedly already guessed, she’s got a book and movie deal to promote…

Marina Chapman learned to catch birds and rabbits with her bare hands after being abandoned in the jungle by kidnappers, it was reported.

The Tarzan-like episode was brought to an end when she was discovered by hunters but by her ordeal continued when she was sold to a brothel in the city of Cucuta, and groomed for prostitution.

She escaped and spent years on the streets, sometimes being arrested and kept in a cell, but was eventually taken in by a Colombian family to work as a maid in her mid-teens, and took the name of Marina Luz, according to the account given to a newspaper.

Later during her mid-twenties she travelled with a neighbouring family who went to stay in Bradford on business for six months – and stayed after she met John Chapman, then a 29-year-old bacteriologist, at a church meeting.

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