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Twin Peaks Tarot

I’ve got good news. Those Tarot Cards you like are going to come back in style. Benjamin Mackey, the co-creator and artist of the ongoing series SAINTS from Image Comics, has stepped through the gateway between two worlds and brought back a treasure like no other. He has beautifully placed the characters and mythology of Twin Peaks in a re-imagined Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck.

Artwork by Benjamin Mackey. Used by permission.



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Shay D. Coleman on PBM2L: What Is an Empath?

Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Shay D. Coleman on episode #55 of the Project Bring Me to Life podcast:

When you are around someone who feels sad, do you suddenly feel sad too? Maybe you get angry for no reason and don’t know why? You could be an empath.

In this episode of the PBM2L Podcast we speak with Shay D. Coleman about what is an empath and go over some of the ways you can protect yourself. We also talk with Shay about some of her early paranormal experiences and premonitions.

Shay is a clairvoyant empath born in New Jersey on June 30th, 1987. At age 7, she had her first premonition in which a deceased family member came to her to deliver a message. Shay currently provides tarot and rune readings, along with dream interpretations and spirit animal impressions.

Find out more by visiting sionna.weebly.com

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Occult Video Roundup: Swahili “Bardo”

An early frontrunner in my microverse for album of the year, Swahili’s sophomore effort AMOVREX finds the band abandoning the shamanic trance stylings of their debut for a slick cosmic disco sheen. No really, if you played the albums back to back you probably wouldn’t even be aware you were listening to the same band. Normally going all dance party would have me calling bullshit on the originality front, but in this case it works on all levels, primarily due to the gargantuan leap in song-writing. Not to mention the fact that it’s trippy as all get out. I can’t say I’ve ever found myself high and grooving out to what seems like an updated version of The Love Boat theme, but the album’s closing track puts out that exact vibe. The biggest mystery in all this lies in how vocalist Van Pham somehow went from background distorted mumble-core to full on psychedelic diva poet in the course of one album.… Read the rest

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The Devil of Abundance on the Toilet

Hartwig HKD (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Hartwig HKD (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I’ve always grown up hating money. The idea that “money is the root of all evil” crept in to my head at a young age and stood in place. This idea solidified when I entered the workplace. I’ve worked every kind of entry-level job out there. Warehouses, stocking shelves, hotels, call-centers. Everyone around me seemed to have this mindset that, “Yes, you have to work a job that you hate, but keep working, because you have to survive, and it’s awful.”

I thought I could escape this if I did compassionate work. I started working at a psychiatric hospital. I was just an orderly, or what they call a “psychiatric technician” in modern terms. I had been to hell and back again with a good friend who has the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder I, and figured that if I can put up with the many episodes of his mental illness, I could handle the distress of patients in a psychiatric setting — and hopefully shine a little light in hell.… Read the rest

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Jodorowsky on Tarot and Family

A Jodorowsy LR

[disinfo ed.’s note: the following is an excerpt from The Dance of Reality: A Psychomagical Autobiography by Alejandro Jodorowsky.]

I began my Tarot reading sessions at the same time that I was writing the comic The Incal for Moebius. The more I progressed with the readings, the more I noticed that all problems have their roots in the family tree. To examine a person’s difficulties is to enter into the psychological atmosphere of his or her family. I realized that we are marked by the psychomental universe of our families. We are marked by their characteristics, but also by their insane ideas, their negative feelings, their inhibited desires, and their destructive acts. The father and mother project all their phantoms onto the expected infant. They want to see him or her do what they themselves could not experience or accomplish. Thus, we assume a personality that is not our own, but comes from one or more members of our emotional environment.… Read the rest

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Alejandro Jodorowsky On Creating Your Soul Through The Tarot

Legendary surrealist filmmaker, artist, magician, and tarot card expert Alejandro Jodorowsky reveals how the tarot allows the nature of reality to unfold:
If you use the tarot to see the future, you become a conman, a charlatan. For me the tarot was something more serious. It was a deep psychological search. When you see the tarot, you see that chance exists, that synchronicity exists, everything is linked. When you deeply enter that dimension that i call the dance of reality the world dances around you and gives you what you seek. We need something to help us pass on to another dimension. The creation of an androgynous thought that leads to a superior mind. When you are linked to everyone there are no enemies.
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Jammin’ Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorowsky is one of my favorite artists of all time. One reason why I love this guy's work so much is that he does it all: writer, director, actor, mime, magician, comic book author, tarot card expert. He's completely brilliant and hilarious, and both of those traits are present in his films - which I highly recommend despite the fact that Jodo certainly isn't for everybody. Readers of this blog are no doubt familiar with Jodorowsky's Western cum vision quest El Topo, but, for me, the director reaches his cinematic summit - so far - at the top of The Holy Mountain. Without question one of the most bizarre and visually stunning films anyone will ever see, critics who dismiss the plot as a mish-mash of New Age flotsam can be forgiven for not recognizing the gold Jodorowsky hid in the excrement. Check out one of The Holy Mountain's most famous scenes (NSFW):
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Time for Dogmatists to Put their Cards on the Table.

Adelaide Now has an interesting, and in my opinion misjudged, editorial piece on Tarot cards at the moment:

A SURPRISINGLY honest tarot reader at “Psychic Tarot Insights” has tried to locate Jill Meagher.
Here’s the surprisingly honest (if understated) bit: “Tarot is not considered 100 per cent accurate by law and I cannot claim to solve issues, only show what I have in the cards.”

They go on to say: “Something must have happened quickly; that there was a male person, stronger than her; there might be a car, something, something, rural area, something, something, eight weeks, something, something, sex and weapons and southeast and someone tall and strong. And a horse. Maybe a church. A dog.”

Other possible links are: “Deserts, woods, obscure valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains, churchyards, ruined buildings, coalmines, muddy places, wells, houses, offices.

“Perhaps some of this information will help, can’t be sure until information comes in to verify it,” they conclude.

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The Kybalion with Philip Deslippe

The Infinite and the Beyond — Episode #23 — The Kybalion with Philip Deslippe

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Philip DeslippeIn the latest episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we look into the history of The Kybalion with author Philip Deslippe, who wrote the extensive introduction for the newly released book The Kybalion, The Definitive Edition. Seemingly shrouded in mystery, The Kybalion has been a popular text for the last one hundred years that and has been a big influence in many people’s lives. In the early episodes of this podcast we went through The Kybalion and the seven hermetic laws that it discusses. In our conversation with Philip Deslippe we learn about some of his recent findings in regards to the text and its author William Walker Atkinson and we wrap up our discussion with Atkinson’s lost book The Seven Cosmic Laws just now appearing in print. In "A Corner in the Occult" we look into famous American occultist, Tarot expert, and author Paul Foster Case. Not only was Case an initiate of the famous Alpha et Omega and even a Freemason, but he was also the founder of the Builders of the Adytum an Order following in the tradition of the Western Esoteric Tradition which still exists to this day. Later in the show we discuss the magickal altar in The Essence of Magick, read some listener email and embrace some wonderful music by featured artist Jasmine Commerce. All this and more in this great informative episode!

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The Ke$ha Kult Tarot Book

The KE$HA KULT TAROT BOOK is the result of a process. This is the story of that process.

The KKTB started life as three separate books. (In the order they were produced: The K.oM. BOOK1 (55 pages), The K.oM. BOOK0 (20 pages) & Introducing Metabolic Chambers (46 pages).

“KE$HA KULT” began exactly how I describe it in the book; I was a fan of KE$HA’s music, started noticing how our artistic vibes ‘meshed,’ read an article where she said ‘pop stars are like cult leaders,’ freaked out, created KE$HA KULT. KE$HA KULT then started assimilating all my previous works. And it was good. A KE$HA KULT BOOK (25 pages) was produced … and nothing happened … until Black Friday, 2010 when the Disinformation Company finally released ‘Introducing Metabolic Chambers’ on their website. I meant for it to be released on Halloween (culmination of the 7 Sisters), but what/ev, it worked out because one of the comments on the book was a link to another website which made this cryptic remark

“It seems some folks at Disinfo are engaging the Game.… Read the rest

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