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True Fan Matt Bauer Gets Disinformation Company Tattoo

Image Credit Matt Bauer, Talisman Tattoos

Matt Bauer says:

I’ve been teaching myself to tattoo since March 2012. I tattooed this on my outside left bicep. Many people get tattoos in order to commemorate an event, remind them of someone special or because they simply look cool. My motivations behind getting the Disinfo logo tattooed are of talisman/sigil magic, quantum entanglement, tribute and well… because it looks cool.

I’ve been on a journey of sorts. Having become more and more disenchanted with the reality I was living in, the search for truth and knowledge began and it ultimately led me to DisInfo. To me, Disinfo questions the questions of its own questions. Having read countless articles and books by people or organizations over the years who claim to have “true” truth and knowledge, it seems if they aren’t questioning themselves then they’re no different than the ideas they condemn. So, thank you Disinfo!

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Electronic Tattoo Has Medical, Gaming And Spy Uses

Photo: J. Rogers

Photo: J. Rogers

BBC News reports:

An “electronic tattoo” could herald a revolution in the way patients are monitored and provide a breakthrough in computer gaming, say US scientists.

They used the device, which is thinner than a human hair, to monitor the heart and brain, according to a study in the journal Science.

The sensor attaches to human skin just like a temporary tattoo and can move, wrinkle and stretch without breaking.

Researchers hope it could replace bulky equipment currently used in hospitals.

A mass of cables, wires, gel-coated sticky pads and monitors are currently needed to keep track of a patient’s vital signs.

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