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Too Much Tea Leads Detroit Woman To Fluoride Overdose

For anyone who doubts that ingesting fluoride is bad for you, consider the case of a woman who drank 100 cups of tea per day. From CBS Detroit:
A 47-year-old Detroit woman is recovering after an extreme addiction to tea. Henry Ford Hospital Bone & Mineral Research Head Sudhaker Rao says the patient drank the equivalent of 100 cups of tea a day for 17 years. He says she lost all her teeth and doctors at first thought she had cancer, but as it turned out, she was suffering from a fluoride overdose. “Among the beverages that contain fluoride, tea actually contains the highest amount of fluoride, however, it is a small quantity in each bag so we don’t drink that many. So if you overflow your system … the kidney is unable to excrete this load of fluoride...
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Nashville Man Sues Whole Foods Over Exploding Tea

Tea seems like an unlikely thing to explode, never mind exploding twice. A man in Nashville is suing Whole Foods Market over tendon damage in his hand after a bottle of Tazo tea exploded, breaking the glass. The Nashville City Paper reports:

If a Nashville man’s lawsuit holds up in court, the verb “to Tazo” just might enter common parlance, as in “Don’t Tazo me, bro!”

Bernie Bublick claims a bottle of Tazo Giant Peach Tea blew up at his home on April 5, sending shards of glass into his right hand and damaging a tendon. He says he has gone through two surgeries on the hand to repair the damage.

Bublick’s legal complaint, filed yesterday in Davidson County Circuit Court and available at this link, asserts that the Whole Foods Market in Green Hills was negligent in selling him the bottle and that Starbucks, maker of Tazo, was negligent in manufacturing it.

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