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Art is Dead: A Manifesto for Revolution in the Visual Arts

Art is dead coverNathan Janes has been chosen as a contributor to the newly published book Art is Dead — A Manifesto for Revolution in the Visual Arts. The book, written by abstract artist and professor Ted Mikulski, explores the status of visual arts in American culture today while including the thoughts of sixteen American artists. In his contribution, Janes argues that multinational corporations in conjunction with the mass media have used their enormous power and influence to mold a mainstream consumerist culture, which uses visual arts to promote consumption through advertising art. Janes addresses the influence of the consumerist culture on the fine art scene as many well known artists now employ factory-style production lines of assistants to create their original artwork while creative and effective marketing is used to sell these works for upwards of six figures each. Rather than see the emergence of modern day artists as celebrities, Janes hopes to see more artists break free of mainstream consumerist culture to express independent thought and create work outside of the collective.… Read the rest

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