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No Pay, No Spray: Firefighters Let Tennessee Home Burn Because Homeowner ‘Forgot’ to Pay $75 Fee

Photo Courtesty of punkpatriot on Etsy

Photo courtesy of punkpatriot on Etsy

I saw the man in question, Gene Cranick, interviewed on Countdown with Keith Olbermann earlier in the week. Seems a bit insane to not just collect the fee (plus some penalty) after putting out the fire. Via MSNBC:

Firefighters in rural Tennessee let a home burn to the ground last week because the homeowner hadn’t paid a $75 fee. Gene Cranick of Obion County and his family lost all of their possessions in the Sept. 29 fire, along with three dogs and a cat.

“They could have been saved if they had put water on it, but they didn’t do it,” Cranick told MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. The fire started when the Cranicks’ grandson was burning trash near the family home. As it grew out of control, the Cranicks called 911, but the fire department from the nearby city of South Fulton would not respond.

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Real-Life Superhero Defends Tennessee Town

ViperVia NBC News:
COLUMBIA, TN (NBC) — In a town where they've engraved "justice" and "honor" on the public square, a new word, a new name is the talk of Columbia. Bike shop owner A.C. Howell said, "The Viper, I believe. Isn't he the Masked Viper?" Yes, the Viper. He's a man police found patrolling the public square with an arsenal of equipment, including plastic sticks and ninja throwing stars. His goal? Find crime and report it to police. Officers spotted him outside the wheel last week. The bike shop's owner couldn't help but chuckle. "I don't know. He needs something to do. Probably needs a job. I hope he's looking out for my benefit. I hope he's guarding my store," said Howell.
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