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The Forgotten Stars of 1970s Terrorism

In their never-ending quest to tweak the sensibilities of anyone dumb enough to take them too seriously, the “hipsters” at VICE profile ’70s terrorists, from the Tupamaros to the Red Brigade:

In Hollywood they’re making yet another film about Carlos The Jackal, and Bernhard Schlink’s writing books about the Baader-Meinhof gang again. From Spielberg’s Munich to Soderbergh’s Che, the last decade’s been happy to fete the terrorists who were at large in the 1970s. In contrast to the amorphous and utterly unquenchable threat currently hanging over our Western heads, everyone knew what figures like Guevara and The Black September group wanted: suitcases crammed full of cash and choppers to Cuba. They had a negotiable quality to them that’s largely missing from today’s suicide fanatics. Here are some lesser known terrorists from the 1970s that pop culture’s yet to turn into stocking-clad, cemtex-strapped, hostage-garotting rock stars.


The FLQ’s Mario Bachand.

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Terrorist Comic Book Character To Teach Children

Ali Imron

Ali Imron

Will scaring children with colorful drawings teach them a lesson about terrorist recruits? From BBC news:

The only surviving perpetrator of Indonesia’s deadliest terrorist attack, Ali Imron, is an unlikely comic book subject.

But the story of his journey from young Muslim to convicted terrorist has been chronicled in a new comic book.

Some 10,000 copies of Ketika Nurani Bicara, or When the Conscience Speaks, will be circulated in schools and libraries from next month, in an attempt to warn the country’s youth of the dangers of Islamic extremism.

Ali Imron is currently serving a life sentence for his role in the bombing of the popular resort of Bali that killed 202 people, many of them foreign tourists.

He escaped the death sentence because he repeatedly expressed remorse, and co-operated with police.

“From the time I was instructed to bring the bomb… there was already doubt in my heart.

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Ominous Signs Are Aligned: Not A Particularly Good Sign

Recall the baffling news events from November 2009?

  • Is Doomsday Coming? Perhaps, but Not in 2012 [1]
  • Survey: Nearly half of adults don’t plan to get H1N1 vaccine
  • Fort Hood attack likely Islamist terrorism, Cornyn and Lieberman say Al-Qaeda still biggest threat to British security, says Gordon Brown
  • Al-Qaeda terrorists being trained in Pak: British PM
  • Governments are now lifting the restrictions and allowing their citizens to buy gold.
  • Backwardation in Gold & Silver – Tuesday 17th November 2009, Silver and mining stocks urge caution, but backwardation says gold’s run could continue…Gold Traders currently have their eye on two non-confirmations that so far have refused to “answer” gold’s push to new all time nominal highs, writes Gene Arensberg in his Got Gold report from Houston for the Gold Newsletter.

The following will help you understand what’s really going on:

Backwardation is The Powers That Be (TPTB) downward manipulating the precious metals and at the same time keeping investors from being wealthy when everyone else is out of work, out of hope and living in tent cities: This is a Neutral Sign.… Read the rest

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