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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Fan Turning Iconic Gas Station Into Horror Hangout


via Dread Central:

It’s always sad when a location from a classic movie falls into a state of disrepair, which is precisely what’s happened with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s iconic gas station over the years. But one fan has taken it upon himself to restore the locale, and he’s got grand plans for it. Read on!

As reported by Dread friend Josh Millican over on The Blood-Shed, longtime Chain Saw fan Roy Rose purchased the dilapidated Texas gas station this past year, and with the help of a bona fide horror icon, he’s set to turn the property into the ultimate horror fan destination.

After purchasing the property, Roy reached out to Ari Lehman, known for being the first person to ever play Jason Voorhees, and together the two are working on making Roy’s lofty dream come true.

Having the unique honor of being the first Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th always brings me unexpected opportunities like this,” said Lehman.

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How to Make a Massacre: Tobe Hooper on Masters of Horror

Texas Chainsaw MassacreAfter seeing Night of the Living Dead, Tobe Hooper was inspired to make a horror movie of his own with the goal of giving fans as much scare for the buck as he could. Standing in front of a chainsaw display in a department store, surrounded by a rude throng of Christmas shoppers, Hooper had an idea that became a legend.

For my money, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the queen-mother of all horror films. The hulking brutality of Leatherface combined with the grimy realism of the low budget production values makes the movie feel more like a documentary than a horror film — the results are as chillingly real today as they were at its 1974 debut.

This segment from the horror film doc Masters of Horror puts Hooper and his cast in the spotlight, remembering the grueling labor of love that became one of the most enduring horror films ever made.… Read the rest

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