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Dr. Nick Begich and The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Bonus Episode 29 — Dr. Nick Begich

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Dr. Nick Begich joins us to talk HAARP, Mind Control Technology, The BP Oil Spill and much, muich more. This is the interview we have been waiting for, for some time. Many thanks to Dr. Begich for his time. He was gracious and we appreciate it! We hope you enjoy the talk.

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The Culture of Contact on the Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Bonus Episode 28 — Jeremy Vaeni

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Jeremy Vaeni joins Stacy from The Black Fridays to discuss religion, consciousness, and self.

In part 2 of Stacy’s series looking at religions and faiths of all types, he explores Jeremy’s experiences and how they have helped formed his world view.

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Dr. Deepak Sarma and the History of Hinduism on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Bonus Episode 27 — Dr. Deepak Sarma

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The Black Fridays welcomes Dr. Deepak Sarma this week for a discussion on the nature of faith, the Hindu faith, and Hindu interpetations of paranormal phenomena. A fascinating discussion that I am sure you will enjoy. Dr. Sarma is a Professor or Religious Studies at Case Western Reserve University. Sarma earned his M.A. in religious studies and his Ph.D. in philosophy of religion from the University of Chicago. He has a B.A. in religious studies from Reed College in Portland, Ore.

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Philip Coppens on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Episode 26 — Philip Coppens

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We welcome Philip Coppens to The Black Fridays! Philip was recently featured on the History Channel Special “Ancient Aliens,” and we will of course discuss his views on the UFO topic. We also cover The Island of Iona, as well as Chartres Cathedral and its mysteries. An awesome conversation with a well rounded researcher and author. We cover everything from Bernard of Clairvaux to Terence Mckenna!

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Comic Artist Mack White on The Black Fridays

Mack White

The Black Fridays Episode 25 — Mack White

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The Black Fridays are please to welcome Mack White from Psi-Op Radio to our show! Tonight we continue the conversation about the JFK Assassination. We are going to play the actual audio of the assassination as well as talk with Mack about where he was that day and what a recent guest on Psi-Op had to say about his role in the conspiracy.

Mack has been a guest we have wanted to talk to for a long time. He is a noted comic artist and illustrator in his professional life as well as a talk show host. He has a lot to say and we were happy to listen!

Check out Mack White’s website here and check out Psi-Op Radio too!… Read the rest

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“I Met Lee Harvey Oswald” on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Bonus Episode 3 — “I Met Lee Harvey Oswald”

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“Peggy” joins us to talk about her meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. A chance meeting shortly before  he changed history . We find this interesting that he was looking for work, as well as, he was listing his aunt’s telephone number on job applications even though she hadn’t seen him in weeks.

This is a bonus show which will lay some ground work for Episode 25. As will be obvious, “Peggy” was very nervous and so decided to read her story rather than re-telling it from memory.

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Black Budgets and Secret Aircraft on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Episode 24 — Michael Schratt

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mike schratt The Black Fridays welcomes Michael Schratt to the show. Michael is a researcher following the world of secret aircraft and black budgets. We invited him on to talk about some of the things we have been hearing about since we have been exploring the world of Ufology on the show, especially Stanton Friedman’s “Nuclear Aircraft.” Michael laid down some unexpected bombshells on us thought, so he has to come back! We hope you enjoy!

Here is link for a video taped interview with Michael:

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NARCAP’s Project Sphere: A Paratopia/Black Fridays Cross-Over

The Black Fridays Episode 23 — Ted Roe and Dr. Richard Haines from NARCAP

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In a first for our show, we simulcast with Paratopia! A warm welcome goes out to all you Paratopians out there, and we want to say a special “Thanks!” to Jeremy Vaeni for being our special Co-Host on this show. Ted Roe, and Dr. Richard Haines join us in  an  exclusive discussion on NARCAP’s “Project Sphere” and much, much more. It was a pleasure talking with these gentleman, and we look forward to carrying on the conversation in the future!

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The Atlantis Blueprint on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Episode 22 — Rand Flem-Ath

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Kircher Map of AtlantisAuthor Rand Flem-Ath joins us to discuss the Atlantis, Earth Crust Displacement, and what the ancients new!

Rand, along with his wife Rose, have authored several books including; The Atlantis Blueprint, The Forbidden Manuscript and Field of Thunder.

A fascinating topic with a great guest.

Visit Rand’s Website by clicking here

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The Pentagon’s New Map on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Episode 21 — Dr. Thomas Barnett

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The Black Fridays proudly welcome Dr. Thomas Barnett to the show. Dr. Barnett earned his Masters and PhD at Harvard, and is a much sought after Public Speaker, Author, and Blogger.

From 1998 through 2004, Dr. Barnett was a Senior Strategic Researcher and Professor in the Warfare Analysis & Research Department, Center for Naval Warfare Studies, U.S. Naval War College, Newport RI, where he taught and served in a senior advisory role with military and civilian leaders in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, Central Command, Special Operations Command, and Joint Forces Command.

Dr. Barnett has written for Esquire, Wired, National Review, and the Washington Post, and has been interviewed by Rolling Stone, the Economist, Time, BBC World Service, CNN, Fox News and numerous foreign media.… Read the rest

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