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The Revenge of The Kids in the Hall

Kids-in-the-Hall-Death-Comes-to-TownThe Kids in The Hall, the greatest comedy troupe to ever walk the Earth, have returned with an all new series called Death Comes to Town. The series is currently on IFC in the US. Death Comes to Town is a Twin Peaks-esque murder mystery with the Kids playing almost all of the characters. It is an absurdist comedy with a cliffhanger plot that keeps you dying to know what will happen next.

Death Comes to Town is not the first reunion of The Kids in The Hall to happen over the years. In addition to their live tours, the Kids have worked together in various combinations on a few projects that some might not be aware of.

Mark, Bruce, and Kevin reunited in the movie Unaccompanied Minors, playing security guards together.

Dave and Kevin also starred in the movie Sky High together as part of the supporting cast, who’s subplot involved the two of them (along with Bruce Campbell) as teachers at a superhero high school.… Read the rest

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