The Kybalion

The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode #015 — Ergo, the Ego

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In the latest episode we discuss the Ego, ergo the name of this episode, and we explore some of the issues surrounding it with prominent occult author and musician Lon Milo DuQuette as well as talk about his new book titled Low Magick: It’s All In Your Head … You Just Have No Idea How Big Your Head Is.

Not only is Lon Milo DuQuette the author of over a dozen books on western esotericisim, but he is also the United States Deputy Grand Master of the O:.T:.O:., an expert on the life of and work of Aleister Crowley, and a Brother Freemason as well. In my interview with Lon he shares some his personal insights and tales in regards to the ego and we even address the role that the ego plays in groups and fraternal organizations such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and even in Freemasonry.

Also in the show, we go on location in eastern Pennsylvania to get in touch with nature and paganism by studying some of the indigenous wildlife. We finally wrap up our journey through the Kybalion as we revisit what we’ve learned with a new perspective on life as we reflect upon the idea of the self. I announce a new show segment series for the podast. I read some of the listener email that has come to show since Episode 14 and our talk with Dr. Dean Radin. In A Corner in the Occult we learn about Doctor and Lawyer, Henri Cornelius Agrippa the famous German Renaissance author of the Three Books of Occult Philosophy. And we find out which lucky listener won a copy of Dr. Dean Radin’s book Entangled Minds. All this and more in this latest installment of The Infinite and the Beyond!

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The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode #008 — That Old Black Magick

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In this episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we eplore the darker aspects of occult history by tracing the origins of the black magick tradition to the ancient grimoires and the early years of the Catholic Church in A Corner in the Occult.

We take a personal stab and hopefully kill the concepts of good and evil as we study how they are understood and often applied in one’s life. We have some fun with a capital W which addresses a long standing concern of mine.

In our journey through The Kybalion, we look into the Principle of Polarity which addresses polaric concepts and their empty dependence on each other and their illusionary, if not typically superficial, professed separatness.

I read listener email and announce a contest for this episode. I play a variety of show promos in support of the podkin and other podcasts I enjoy. All this and more as we address the controversial idea and existence of black magick from a traditional as well as from a philosophical perspective throughout the entirety of the show.

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The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode #006 — The Modern Spirit of Paganism

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In this episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we learn about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in A Corner in the Occult. The order itself remains as one of the most influential hermetic mystery orders of its kind. Uniting Hermeticism, Qabalah, ceremonial magick, Rosicrucian teachings and more, into a colorful, elaborate grade based initiatory tradition which continues to inspire and entice many walkers of the western mystery tradition to this day.

We talk with musician Arthur Hinds about his new solo album, Poetry of Wonder and I play “Cast Away” and “Pantheon” from it. Not only is Arthur a solo artist, but he also one of the members of Emerald Rose and very prominent pagan musical group, who has over five albums and has been featured on the documentary Ringers, Lord of the Fans. Arthur was happy to sit with us and discuss his new album, the stories behind some of the music, and his inspiration for them as well.

We see who won the contest from Episode #005 – The Nature of Nature and announce a contest for the next episode. We explore the value of change in honor of International Pagan Values Blogging Month started by PAX over at the Chrysalis Blog. Many religious and spiritual traditions have difficulty adapting to the ever evolving world often due to their theology and cosmology; an issue which seems to be nonexistent in most current forms of paganism.

In our third installment of The Kybalion we go over the Principle of Correspondence. Occultism is often rooted in relationships and the effects and causes of those relationships and the Principle of Correspondence goes over why these connections exist.

Do we have to observe the sabbats as explained in the books we read or are their other ways for us to express our faith? To answer this question, I discuss The Modern Spirit of Paganism, which is a seminar I did for South Jersey’s Pagan Pride Day back in 2006. Come and found this out and more in this episode!

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The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode #005 — The Nature of Nature

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In the latest episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we have a talk about the nature of magick. What does it take to do magick? What is magick primarily about? How does it relate to our view of existence and how does our perception of existence affect our ability to perform magick? Found out!

We listen to the song “Fade” from the album Normalize by the NYC area band The Evolutionaries. We reflect on the Eliphas Levi segment from Episode #003 – The Secrets of My Success. Was Levi possibly set up by someone? I share a personal tale of Will and relearn an old lesson about heeding one’s inner voice.

The first show contest is opened for entries. Upon moving in with my girlfriend I came across some resin wall pentacles that I made several years ago and offer one of them as a prize to a lucky listener! Go here to enter the contest, good luck!

We learn about Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers in A Corner in Occult. A major figure in 19th century occultism and magick who was not only the translator of many important magickal texts and documents, he was also an author and one of the founders of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Mathers was also a boxer, enjoyed studying the art of war, and was an early mentor of the famous occultist and magickian Aleister Crowley.

We continue with our journey through The Kybalion as we discuss the Principle of Mentalism. In it we discuss the ideas of thought, manifestation, the world around us, and all that which we create in life. All is mental and we learn about the nature of the universe in this second installment of The Kybalion.

Inspired by a discussion from school and the Keep America Beautiful Commercial from1970 we close this episode with a looking into the nature of nature. What does it mean to live in harmony with nature? What does it mean to honor nature? Are we doing this already or do we need to change our lives to fulfill this aspiration in our paths as pagans?

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