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Never Mind The Bollocks: Here’s A Sex Pistols Credit Card

Is there a less likely band to end up on a credit card? Not that the Sex Pistols’ legendary manager Malcolm McLaren was ever against doing a deal with a corporation if he thought there was a few quid in it, especially if the boys’ bad behavior would lead to a swift exit, bags packed with corporate cash. As the Guardian reports, it’s Richard Branson’s Virgin Money that’s issuing the credit cards, sort of completing the circle back to Virgin Records, which was the band’s label after its hilarious exits from EMI and A&M:

They railed against consumerism, but the Sex Pistols will now be helping to oil the wheels of the capitalist machine as the band’s name and artwork are to feature on a range of credit cards.

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Virgin Money, the bank backed by Sir Richard Branson, has launched an series of Sex Pistols credit cards, including two featuring the artwork for the band’s 1977 album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, in its full uncensored glory.

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Sid Vicious Does A New York Cable TV Call-In Show

During the 1970s, if you were bored you could ring your local cable variety show to speak to "the punk of your choice" about authenticity and other problems. Via Open Culture:
Late-seventies broadcast from The Efrom Allen Show on New York cable television finds the shirtless Vicious sitting on a panel with his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys, and Cynthia Ross of the B Girls. “THAT’S SID VICIOUS ON YOUR SCREENS, FOLKS,” scrolling text tells the viewers. “IS SID VICIOUS? WHO CARES? CALL 473-5386 TO SPEAK TO THE PUNK OF YOUR CHOICE.”
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