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JoyCamp: ‘They Wake’

They Wake

“Waking up” other people to the truth of our reality might be one of the hardest things a person can do. JoyCamp shows you just how difficult, but not impossible, this can be. Their latest installment is a tribute to John Carpenter’s “documentary” film, “They Wake.”

As the great Roddy Piper said, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick a$$… and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

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John Carpenter’s ‘THEY LIVE’ Turns Twenty-Five

They Live!John Carpenter’s They Live (1988) doesn’t sound like a classic movie: A drifter wanders into Nowheresville USA — a Los Angeles neighborhood devastated by an economic recession. After witnessing some suspicious activity surrounding a strange church, the man discovers a box of special sunglasses which reveal that the reality he’s come to take for granted is anything but what it seems. Add a starring role for professional wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and one would assume They Live was potboiler sci-fi with a clever gimmick and a B-list “star.”

The problem with this assessment is that it forgets that this is a movie made by a man who practically created slasher films with Halloween and whose ability to infuse cliche-filled genres with deep, emotional and subversive content made him a legend.

They Live is a conspiracy-laden masterpiece of popcorn paranoia that manages to be as entertaining as it is startling. A class war battering ram of a movie, the flick makes the moneyed into monsters while elevating its blue collar lead to the status of a revolutionary hero.… Read the rest

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What if ‘They Live’ Was a Saturday Morning Cartoon?


Picture: Dan Barrett (C)

John Carpenter’s cult classic science fiction film ‘They Live’ has always been one of my favorites (Incidentally, if you haven’t read Jonathan Lethem’s book on the film then you should.), and now artist Dan Barrett has reinterpreted it as an eighties era Saturday morning cartoon, complete with production notes.

Via Deviant Art:

Recently (a few months ago) I was contacted by Rondal Scott III over at Strange Kids Club (www.strangekidsclub.com) to see if I would do a Saturday morning cartoon style line-up of a classic 80s movie for their magazine release. I chose They Live! I basically rethought the whole end of the movie, and wrote out small blurbs for my general concept, and biographies for each of the characters. Read them… if you dare!

General Concept- After blowing up the transmission station in LA, Nada and Frank take the fight to New York City. There they meet a young girl named Maya who has attempted to digitally subvert the alien invasion.

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