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Author John Robbins, Other Progressives Denounce ‘Thrive’

ThrivePosterThere was quite a strong reaction to the Foster Gamble post about THRIVE yesterday. Here at disinformation we try to expose our visitors to multiple views on the many topics we cover, so without taking a position for or against Mr. Gamble and his film, we thought it worth posting this piece by Eric Johnson at SantaCruz.com:

Last fall, the acclaimed environmentalist and nutrition guru John Robbins was invited to the home of his friends Foster and Kimberly Carter Gamble, near Santa Cruz, to view the Gambles’ just-completed film, Thrive. Robbins, who makes a brief appearance in the film, says he was “overwhelmed” by what he saw.

“There were parts I liked, but there were other parts that I just detested,” he recalls. “I didn’t want to be rude—we were there with our families—so I just didn’t say anything.”

Thrive, which was released online in November and had its theater debut at the Del Mar last month, is an uncanny hodgepodge of pseudo-science, Utopian fantasy and veiled right-wing conspiracy theory.

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THRIVE On The Global Domination Agenda

THRIVE, my new movie, identifies the global consolidation of power that affects nearly every aspect of our lives and offers in-depth explorations of what we can do about it. To continue the conversation that THRIVE inspires, join Kimberly and me for a free live interactive interview TODAY, Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 7 pm EDT on GaiamTV.com, where you can ask questions about THRIVE, the movie and the movement. At the THRIVE site there are many resources for you to learn more about the issues in the film. Here's an excerpt from our article about the problem of the Global Domination Agenda:
What is keeping us from thriving? After a lifetime journey of pursuing that question, my research revealed that a small group of financial elite have gained control over key areas of our lives – energy, food, health care, education and more – and are the single greatest threat to humanity’s ability to thrive...
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Nassim Haramein: Fraud or Sage?

NassimWill the new age messiah of free energy please stand up! You may recognize Nassim Haramein from his cameo in the recent internet film “Thrive”. Surely many are wondering if there is any legitimacy to his credentials or theories and one curious skeptic has taken him to task in the following article. Via Up:

I’d like to outline here some very sound reasons for asserting that Nassim Haramein is grossly misleading people by claiming to have any depth of scientific understanding behind his ideas. If you’d prefer to just see some straightforward examples, try some of these — but do come back when you’re done … (Alternatively, read this if you think I’m just being a bit horrid.)

On many of his videos, and on the main page of his Resonance Project’s website, he displays a “prestigious” award for one of his physics papers. What is this?

His certificate looks at first to have been awarded for best paper in the whole of “physics, quantum mechanics, relativity, field theory and gravitation” at the entire university of Liège, Belgium in the year 2009, and “chosen by a panel of peer reviewers”.

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