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Ben Bernanke As Time’s “Person Of The Year”

Ben BernankeIs Time Magazine really so out of touch with the hatred and revulsion many Americans feel for Ben Bernanke and his Wall Street cronies? Apparently so, as reported in the Atlantic:

It’s always fun to see who Time magazine names its “Person of the Year.” 2009’s pick was neither obvious nor shocking: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. I have a few thoughts about the pick.

My first observation is that Bernanke wasn’t really the most important figure for just 2009. Don’t get me wrong: I think he’s had a huge impact in the U.S. and global economies this year. I just think he’d be more aptly described as the “Person of the Last 18 to 24 Months.” Much of the most important work he did to stabilize the economy was done in 2008, not 2009. This year he had more of a stay-the-course philosophy.

Clearly, there are those who probably aren’t pleased with Time’s pick.

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