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The time zone rebels of the world

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Gabriella Garcia via Hopes&Fears:

In 1934, representatives from 26 countries gathered in Washington DC for the International Meridian Conference. The goal was to establish an official longitude—the Greenwich Meridian—off of which to base the international standard of time (the GMT, now called the UTC for Coordinated Universal Time). But as fate would have it, the industrial world stumbled clumsily towards uniformity over the next few decades, with a production flow determined by those leading the charge toward global manufacturing and production. But as with any decision made by an imperialistic minority, just because it was said didn’t mean the entire world agreed.

Thus, creating a Standard Time set the stage for the birth of time deviants; populations that vary from a handful of counties in Indiana to the entire Republic of China, that determine their own standards of time based on the constantly shifting nature of geopolitical relationships.


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China, on the other hand, has kept it relatively simple by abolishing all time zones and uniformly running on “Beijing Time,” or UTC+08.… Read the rest

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