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South Korea’s Toilet Culture Park

Toilet in german theater munichWe all know people who never outgrew toilet humor, but in the South Korean town of Suwon there are apparently enough people obsessed with all things to do with bodily excretion that there is an entire park devoted to the topic, graphically. The Daily Mail has lots of photos in this report (video from IB Times):

…From the bronze statues of people sitting on the toilet dotted around outside, to the converted toilet-shaped house which contains an exhibition on toilets through the ages, everything here is themed after one thing.

There is even a room devoted to toilet-related art – fitting in a city which holds the annual Golden Poop art festival. It might not seem like the most attractive tourist destination, but Lee Youn-Souk, who works at the park, thinks differently.

She told the BBC: ‘We just focus on eating everyday, we sometimes overlook the importance of the toilet.

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On The Evils Of Toilets

A response to the recent and popular Disinformation article entitled “On The Evils Of Chairs“.

Warning, do not read this while eating food, it may put you off.

Years ago I used to clean toilets for a big supermarket. I’ll never forget seeing a fully fledged brown trout sat on the edge of the toilet seat one day and wondering, ‘how do you miss when you’re doing one of those?’. It turns out that whoever was responsible had probably been learning to use the squat technique which I’m about to advocate to you, a fellow Disinfonaught. I do so only because once you try this you will honestly never look back.

My first experience of squatting came through an article in, Dodgem Logic, the magazine Alan Moore edited for a year or so. It has recently been kindly posted on the original author, Margaret Killjoy (or Magpie)’s, personal website.… Read the rest

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